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Our Concept

our concept doesn’t just address the problem but also the underlying issues that cause it and hinder the progress. The programme provides simple steps to fix these issues – that way you don’t just win the battle, you win the war.


How It Works

It’s incredible that such a basic and banal part of our lives as food, can have such a profound impact on so many of its aspects. Yet nutrition lies at the cornerstone of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It is even more incredible that when it comes to nutrition we tend to follow the unconscious protocols that have been embedded into us since our childhoods. Our concept is essentially a system of rewiring these protocols to achieve the new norm – one that brings a happy and healthy life. Here’s how it works.


Everyone we start working with faces various obstacles preventing them from achieving their ideal body, weight, mental state, and overall balance in their lives. These obstacles can be emotional, lack of knowledge, behavioural, bio-chemical or circumstantial. Some of the things we keep hearing may be familiar to you too — I don’t have enough time; I can’t loose weight because of my genetics; I‘ve tried before but failed; I’m too busy; I don’t know what to do.

In order to succeed it’s important to understand what’s holding you back. Our approach to identify what you’re doing each week, each day and each hour that is hurting your chances of achieving your goals.  With this we create an individual programme that takes into consideration your body type, genetics, lifestyle demands, your current emotional and physical abilities. 

This is the first step in the journey to managing your diet, speeding up your metabolism and giving you more energy for a better physical and mental performance.

Unlearn, Don’t Break                

Achieving healthy eating habits is ultimately about unlearning certain social, cultural and convenience protocols, some of which have been wired into our heads since our childhood. Whether your aim is to loose weight, lower your cholesterol or stop feeling sluggish, to succeed you will need to learn new behaviours. 

However, unlearning ‘bad’ behaviours shouldn’t feel like it’s breaking you. We are all different and have different food preferences, likes and dislikes. It’s not about breaking you into adopting a new ‘food personality’. You should be able to enjoy the things you like. It’s about unlearning ‘wrong’ habits and learning new habits — around your individual ‘food personality’.  

‘Breaking’ habits is also counter-productive because it creates discomfort and a ‘friction’ point — another thing to make you to give up. Such mental resistance is not great for the process itself either as it often causes the metabolism to slow down. In our experience, and it’s backed by science, happy clients loose weight faster.


Learning or unlearning is hard. That’s why a lot of diets fail. Even most detailed nutrition plans don’t always take into account things like lifestyle, ability and time to cook, family and other circumstances, having to eat out all the time, work dinners, social drinks and, of course, cravings.

Research shows that it only takes 21 to 60 days to form a new habit. However, even 3 days on will power along is tough. We don’t believe in relying on will power and slapping your wrists every time you reach for chocolate. We don’t believe in dismissing and trying to over-ride cravings. We listen to your cravings. Like pain, they are a signalling system for your body to communicate what needs to be addressed. 

Sugar cravings, for example, often come from certain mineral and vitamin deficiencies magnified by poor eating habits and blood sugar dis-balance. We resolve these issues so that you can get rid of cravings, rather than having to continue fighting them. This way you don’t just win a battle, you win the war.

We believe that key to the programme’s success is building it into the real life – real schedules and circumstances. We uncomplicate the multiple layered plan, simplify the steps and oversee the changes that need to happen for the new norm to be embedded into your life until it becomes as easy as breathing. We believe that only the steps that are easy to understand and easy follow will ultimately take you to success. 


Olga is listening to what I want to achieve and really works on it to get me there. I will definitely recommend her to my friends! Olga is GREAT!

/  sarah, 28  /


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