Olga Doherty
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Everyone knows that after 35 it’s incredibly difficult to lose weight, it requires almost inhuman efforts and you have to give up all your favourite things. However, my experience with Olga proved to be none of this! In 3 months I said goodbye to 6 extra kilograms, which have been poisoning my life. I am truly happy that she appeared in my life!

/  Svetlana,50  /


Olga has a very different approach in comparison to other experts I used in the past. My biggest achievement with Olga is finally losing body fat that has been there for ages! Awesome experience and amazing results!!! Thank you Olga! I will keep on recommending you!

/  pauline, 35  /


I haven’t got a great will power and always struggle to give anything up. I’m also not very good with following complicated schemes. I was a little skeptical about how easy the programme would be, but unbelievably I lost 2,5 kilograms of fat, which is a dress size, in a month without much effort at all! Super happy – thank you!

/  tanya, 39  /


Olga is a real genius. I came to her to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, but she also identified other problems – a chronically blocked nose and constantly bloated stomach, which I’ve had for years. In two weeks I started to breath normally and got rid of the bloated stomach. In 6 weeks I lost 3 kilograms off my waist and started feeling like 30 years ago. My cardiologist was very happy with the results of the last test!

/  irina, 61  /


Olga was the only person to solve the mystery of my migraines and neck aches (many doctors and physios have tried and failed). I found that the changes she suggested for my diet and supplements made a huge difference to my skin and energy levels, with my skin now being clearer than it has been in years. I’ve already recommended her to three people!

/  julia, 28  /


After our first session of the nutrition plan, Olga took me to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. She taught me not only how to eat, but also exactly what to eat. She is informative, accessible and has become a great friend to me. I would definitely recommend her service to my friends and family members.

/  shijing, 25  /


Olga is listening to what I want to achieve and really works on it to get me there. I will definitely recommend her to my friends! Olga is GREAT!

/  sarah, 28  /


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