Olga Doherty
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this is a four week programme is aimed at those with demanding lifestyles. It’s focused on self cultivation – working out what’s right for you, rather than continuing to push against yourself. it will deliver the balance you need to stop feeling tired and sluggish.



_This programme is for anyone who wants the right nutrition for your demanding lifestyle or feels constantly tired and sluggish

_The programme will review your current food habits and create a plan that delivers the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals

_It will help you achieve improved energy levels and emotional state. It will help you stop feeling exhausted and get rid of energy drops

What’s Included

_Initial Consultation: one hour skype or in person session to review your goals and current situation

_Personal Nutritional Plan

_Physical Activities Plan

_Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Check

_Sleep and Stress Management Plan

_Run Through Session: one hour skype session to run through the plan to ensure you have what you need to get started

_One Week Daily Coaching & Accountability Support: throughout the week you’ll receive daily check-ins to support your progress and answers to any questions you may have. Simply text or whats app to ask anything.

Details & Costs

The sessions will be delivered via Skype at a convenient for you time Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm GMT. Sessions can be provided in privacy of your home or in a location of your choice for an extra fee – please email us to arrange.

Cost: £425


Olga was the only person to solve the mystery of my migraines and neck aches (many doctors and physios have tried and failed). I found that the changes she suggested for my diet and supplements made a huge difference to my skin and energy levels, with my skin now being clearer than it has been in years. I’ve already recommended her to three people!

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