Olga Doherty
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Weight Loss Original

this is the original programme which shaped the ‘uncomplicated nutrition’ methodology. it’s the most popular programme for looking to loose weight, understand how their body functions best and start feeling great.



_This programme is for anyone who wants to loose up to 10 kg or 1.5 stone in an effective and healthy way

_This programme will help you understand your body and what works best for it on genetic, hormonal and age level

_It will provide sustainable solutions tailor-made for your unique profile and your specific lifestyle to keep you on track

What’s Included

_Initial Consultation: One hour skype or in person session to review your goals and current situation

_Personal Nutritional Plan

_Physical Activities Plan

_ Food Addictions Elimination Plan: a plan to resolve your food additions to ensure sugar cravings and the like are not holding you back

_Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Check: supplements recommendations where necessary

_Sleep and Stress Management

_Run Through Session: one hour skype session to run through the plan to ensure you have what you need to get started

_One Week Daily Coaching and Accountability Support: throughout the week you’ll receive daily check-ins to support your progress and answers to any questions you may have. Simply text or whats app to ask anything

_Four Weekly Follow-up Check-ins: 30 minute skype sessions to ensure you have everything you need to continue on your own

Details & Costs

The sessions will be delivered via Skype at a convenient for you time Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm GMT. Sessions can be provided in privacy of your home or in a location of your choice for an extra fee – please email us to arrange.

Cost: £545


Everyone knows that after 35 it’s incredibly difficult to lose weight, it requires almost inhuman efforts and you have to give up all your favourite things. However, my experience with Olga proved to be none of this! In 3 months I said goodbye to 6 kilograms, which have been poisoning my life. I am truly happy that she appeared in my life!

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